BRGFA Sporting Clay Season Opener

BRGFA Sporting Clay Season Opener 2019-04-13

Saturday, April 13th

Registration opens @ 10:00 am

Safety talk @ 10:45 am

Shotgun start @ 11:00 am

Cost is $55.00 1st 100 targets

2nd round available $40.00

CNSCA Registered Targets are available/optional

Coffee and muffins will be provided.

“Chase The Clay”

Come and check out BRGFA’s version of Chase the Ace, but sporting clay style!

For more information please contact Dale Bourns @ dale.bourns(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign) or Kelly Bourns @ kellybourns(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)">kellybourns(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)

ATV & SXS Welcome

Range Directions: From Beausejour, drive East 8KM on Hwy 44. Turn South on Rd 47E driving 4KM. Turn East into range driveway (69065)

Signs will be posted.

Ladies Learn to Shoot 2019 – Registration Required

LADIES Learn To Shoot 2019 – BRGFA 2019 Ladies Program Flyer

This is a ladies only program intended to introduce new participants to the shooting sports. Our goal is to teach the joy of shooting as a recreational sport. All participants will be given the opportunity for hands-on experience during the orientation with a goal to increase your skills and comfort in handling shotguns and rifles. Kelly Bourns and Nadeen Desmarais as key instructors.

Participants will learn about firearm safety and proper shooting fundamentals in a non-competitive relaxed atmosphere.

You do not need any previous firearms experience or any equipment to participate in and have a great time! Don’t miss the fun!

*Maximum of 15 participants for each night so register early* (BRFGA General Program Registration Ladies Only Program 2019).

Two dates to choose from:

Option “A” – Friday, April 12, 2019

6:00 pm – 9:00 pm


Option “B” – Friday, May 10, 2019

6:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Registration Closes: Friday, April 5, 2019

Cost: FREE!

Participants will receive an orientation to the BRG&FA range and learn about safety on the range.  An introduction to shotgun safety, basic clay fundamentals, shoot at some targets and receive a brief tour of the 5 stand/sporting clay course at BRG&FA.  During the orientation you will also be introduced to .22 rifles, covering firearm safety and handling.

We will bring the evening to a close with some appetizers and learn a bit more about the opportunities that await you!

All equipment, gear, ammo, firearms provided!

For more information or to register, email kellybourns(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign) or by visiting the BRG&FA website @

*RANGE IS CLOSED FROM 6PM – 9PM ONLY during this event*


2019 Family Ice Fishing Day

Date: March 17th (Sunday)

Location: Gull Lake

Time: 10:00am – 2:30pm

Cost: $5.00 per fisher            *Kids under 12 years old: free*

BRG&FA Memberships will be available on the ice. If possible, bring attached membership form with you. BRGFA Membership Application-2019

*Ice holes can be drilled for those without augers

*Hidden species and length for top 3 prizes

*Remaining prizes will use the Conversion chart

*Chili Lunch is provided with coffee and hot chocolate

Remember *All Manitoba Angling Rules apply*

Phone Ryan Keefe directly: 204.268.0180

Big Bucks Draw Tickets 2019 are Available!

Our Big Bucks Draw Tickets are ready for sale again and available for members to sell

*Contact Glenn Collard directly regarding arranging getting some books to sell:  collards(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)

*The new books have the “3 tickets for $10.00” option this year.

*There is $100.00 to the one who sells the winning ticket.

Are you looking for a stocking stuffer?

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year everyone,


on behalf of Brokenhead River Game & Fish Association

Oct 7 2018 Range Repair/Restore

Work Day at the BRGFA Range – Sunday October 7th

Click here to see photosRange Repair Newsletter Oct 7 2018 pg 1 , Range Repair Newsletter Oct 7 2018 pg 2

Bob Austman organized our small group into a work crew for this holiday Sunday. We put up the green flag and did some much needed repairs and restorations before the winter set in, so the membership can enjoy another year at the range.

We had a successful day fixing and reinforcing our two 100 yd. bunkers, demolishing and rebuilding the handgun gong area; and restoring the 22 rifle gong house. What could have been a full 2 day job turned into a mere 5 ½ hours (even with a short lunch break of coffee, sandwiches and donuts).

This was due to a very smart invention called the skid steer. Curtis Rossman, our Bobcat (skid steer) operator, was our white knight in shining armor I tell ya. Bob contacted him, and for that we are grateful. Curtis came in with his Bobcat and made the difference between a hard day of labor or a fun afternoon that involved a lot of work, but not the back breaking work it could have been.

The chain gang had to move around the railroad ties, shovel some sand, install braces and do a lot of brainstorming while Curtis expertly hauled and maneuvered all the material into bunker/gong house locations, removing all debris, even leveling the ground around the boxes and in our parking lot.

A major hat tip to Curtis who did his job in great style and with a nice smile! Couldn’t have done this without you. (Check out the history of the bobcat and you’ll find a turkey farmer in MN needed a small machine to maneuver inside a pole barn, yet light enough to operate on its upper level. The skid-steer loader was invented in 1960 which is when ‘Bobcat’ became a trade name). Man’s inventions never cease to amaze me! But that’s me. I love taking things apart to see how they got back together again.

*Curtis did a test drive on our first bunker project not with a rifle and ammo but with his bobcat bucket. We did a darn good job on that bunker and knew that if it could withstand the bobcat’s bucket, it would hold for the ammo that will come flying in its direction during the next year. The bunkers are solid folks*

Mark Loeppky who constantly fixes our gong houses and restores the gongs provided his expertise; and with Jimmy Claire, Jerry Marr, Bob and I, we got all the work done in 5 ½ hours so the membership can enjoy another year with the range in working order.

PLEASE NOTE: The handgun and 22 rifle gong houses are built, but the gongs are not in place yet as of this writing [October 8th]. Being a holiday weekend we all had to get home for supper. Mark is getting the gongs ready for both these target areas so IN THE MEANTIME, please do NOT shoot at either the 22 rifle and handgun gong houses. There is a pallet to the north of the handgun gong house, so that you can staple your paper targets onto that pallet and shoot.

As you can see in the before and after photos the gong houses took some extra abuse with targets being stapled to the gong house itself, resulting in the ties being shot to ‘H, E, double hockey sticks [L L]’.

So don’t shoot our gong house structures. If the gongs are down and you know how to reconnect them with straps do so, or else let us know. Otherwise, bring your target stands and post paper targets on your stand in the area just north of the handgun gong house. Same goes with the 22 rifle gong house. Either fix the gong if you know how, or put up your own target stand next to it and shoot paper targets. Don’t blast our gong houses away.

Members are NOT to bring rocks onto the range to weight down their targets. When the range gets mowed rocks can shatter and can potentially injure someone.

So, wait for the gongs to be installed which should be very soon. Let’s take care of our range [clean up your brass, garbage, broken targets, etc]. Review our BRGFA Range Safety Rules and Operational Guidelines

With all this said, enjoy the target shooting at the range, sighting in your rifles for the winter hunting season. Ah, Manitoba – winter IS coming. Don’t you love it!

Club Meeting October 3rd

PLUS BRG&FA Constitution & Bylaws DRAFT – review before vote to accept amendments on November 7th, 2018 @ Beausejour Legion 7:00PM

Next Club Meeting is October 3rd at 7:00PM at the Beausejour Legion. Please review the Agenda for Wednesday.  BRGFA agenda Oct 3 2018

Special note to make:

There have been amendments to the Brokenhead River Game & Fish Association Constitution and Bylaws. There will be a vote to accept these amendments of the BRGFA Constitution and Bylaws on November 7th, 2018 which is the date of the next BRG&FA Monthly Club meeting at Beausejour Legion.

*CONTACT Colette @ colettem(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign) for a copy of the DRAFT Constitution & Bylaws that will be voted upon on November 7th*

Please make sure to contact us with any questions and/or concerns about the attached amendments to the Constitution & Bylaws. We need your feedback prior to the November 7th decision to accept.


President Jeffery Cottes: fullerhull(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)">fullerhull(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)

1st Vice President Bob Austman: rmaustman(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)">rmaustman(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)

2nd Vice President Jason Combes: jcombe(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)">jcombe(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)

Secretary Kelly Bourns: daemar(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)">daemar(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)

Thank you and see you next Wednesday at 7:00PM

Colette Marr

on behalf of Brokenhead River Game & Fish Association

colettem(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)

DU Skeet Shoot Summary

The 2nd annual Ducks Unlimited Skeet Shoot event was held on Sept. 17 at the Brokenhead River Game and Fish Association Range. With the aim of educating youth and women new to the sport, 11 youths and 8 adult women joined were led by a team of expert volunteers who taught participants about safe firearm handling, as well as tips and tricks for quick and accurate shotgunning.

The free event was limited to 20 youth, women, and first time shooters. With no experience necessary, this event provided an excellent opportunity to learn about Sporting Clays, as well as get ready for fall bird hunting season.

Sponsored in part by Winchester Repeating Arms, the BRGFA ensured all participants were ready for the event by providing a mandatory safe handling and operation of firearms course prior to the main event.  Main spotters acted as mentors, and stood next to each participant who shot from a designated safe zone.

Using Winchester shell and skeets supplied by Ducks Unlimited, novice shooters were nervous at first but gained confidence after the first round.  Seeing those clays shatter in the sky was a real confidence booster for many first time shooters.

The barbeque was provided by Brokenhead River Game and Fish Association. Ducks Unlimited provided hats and duck calls to each participant. After the event, KS Custom Calls of Lockport provided goose and duck calling demonstrations to new eager hunters.

Ducks Unlimited volunteers and BRGFA members collaborated to organize this event. “We had a good turnout for both shooters and volunteers,” Darren Zalusky said, “and it takes a lot of people to make events like this successful.” In addition, there were over a dozen volunteers who showed up to make sure the “rookies” had a safe and exciting learning experience. Leah Penhall came to volunteer, but seeing the kids’ enjoyment prompted her and her daughter to try it out. “Thanks”, she said to her instructor, Tim Putnam, “you helped me check one thing off my bucket list”.

The BRGFA was established in 1996. It has 191 members who support and promote wildlife conservation, outdoor education and safety, and good hunting and fishing practices.

Thank you to the following volunteers (alphabetical order): Ken Molinski, Tammy Molinski, Joe Molinski, Nick Molinski, Colette Marr, Leah Penhall, Brad Porath, Tim Putman, Brett Steffes, Robyn Yates, Craig Zieske, Duane Zieske.

Rimfire Rendezvous Black Powder Hatchet Toss-RESULTS

Results of our August 25th rimfire rendezvous black powder results pg 1 competition at BRGFA Range.

rimfire rendezvous black powder results pg 2

There were 14 competitors with 1 non-competing youth who wants to compete in the future but watched her big sister compete instead [little Memphis]. Good to see the youth attending this event!

Special thanks to Bob Austman for organizing this event. We couldn’t have done it without you Bob!

Everyone had a great time. As Jared said it is nice to have the .22 events because you can talk with other members throughout and that was obviously happening as we prepared for each category.

Capping off the day was Bob’s perfect hatchet toss – a bullseye – we checked for magnets on the back of the board – there were none – it was a good, honest toss. Magic in motion…

BBQ afterwards, thanks to Wes Sadkowski for being our master BBQr. He did work up an appetite volunteering to walk downrange to move the targets to the 150 and 175 yd markers for our ‘Ring the Gong” event. It was a hot day folks and that was a long walk.

Just a few pointers for next year:

1) make sure to take the safety off before firing on a timed event…not mentioning any names here Paul.

2) make sure to site your rifle in BEFORE you compete…not mentioning any names here Colette.

3) In order to prepare for next year attend the range regularly.

And then, show up at these events!

Next club meeting September 5th @ 7:00 pm at the Beausejour Legion.


-Saturday, September 15th @ St. Hubertus Game & Fish, Libau, MB (100-Target Preliminary)

-Sunday, September 16th, MSCA Provincials Main- CNSCA Registered @ Brokenhead River Game & Fish, Beausejour MB (200-Target Main Event) – RANGE CLOSED

DU Skeet Shoot – September 17th @ 5:00 at the BRGFA Range

Sporting Clays Tim Putnam

Proud of our Sporting Clays members who took time out of their event to move 3 small fawns to a safer location. (*Don’t worry; they were only moved a short distance away; less than 50 yards.*)

Thanks Tim, thanks Kelly, thanks Dale!

May 2018

Remember the Brokenhead River Game & Fish Association is a conservation site. Be gentle and respectful of our little friends of the forest.

Range Closed June 12-13-Qualifiers

Note that the Range is CLOSED on June 12 & 13th until 4:00 pm so please mark these dates in your calendar:

MB Conservation Officers Qualifiers have booked the Range therefore the Range will be unavailable to the membership from 9:00 am – 4:00 pm on that Tuesday and Wednesday. Hopefully fire conditions at that time will allow the CO staff to qualify on these dates.

On behalf of BRG&FA we thank you, our Manitoba Conservation Officers, for your dedication and tireless work – BE SAFE!