The Range is OPEN – January 21 2021

Remember to bring your PAL and Membership/Range User Cards

Our Range Master has finally heard from the Province re: outdoor range use during the current provincial restrictions. There may be additional changes from the Province to some of the information we have here. Members will be notified immediately once we know.

Quote: “Outdoor firing ranges may operate provided they take reasonable steps to ensure that persons using the range are fully aware of the requirements under the current public health orders relating to the use of outdoor recreation and sporting facilities, including posting proper signage and/or social media and website communications that promote the safe use of the range. This includes informing individuals and groups that they must not engage in activities as a group of more than five persons (unless they reside in the same residence) and must maintain a separation of at least 2 metres from each other (unless they reside in the same residence). All indoor facilities associated with outdoor firing ranges must remain closed. In addition, there can be more than one group (maximum of 5 of same household) but those groups must remain apart from each other.”

ALL COVID measures must be adhered to:

* 6 feet distance is to be maintained between the members
* use of hand sanitizers (available in first aid kit on SE corner of club building or bring your own)
* Masks are not required unless you cannot adhere to the 6’ distance rule. In that case you must wear a face shield.
* absolutely NO use of facilities associated with outdoor firing ranges – YES, this includes the outdoor washroom. Sorry, that is what is stated so be aware that the washroom is off limits at this time.
* Be courteous of other members and restrict your time at the range to 45 minutes/1 hour if you see others waiting in their cars in the parking lot. This gives members all a chance to use the range. We are expecting an influx of members once the range opens so this is why we are asking members to be courteous. If you don’t see anyone waiting continue to use the range. Again, once this changes by the Province members will be notified.
* If a by-law officer does visit the range and this results in a fine for a member for violating any health measures that member’s membership will also be in question.

Remember that the new pistol area is still not certified by the CFO so use of pistols is still at the 250 berm on the rifle range. Put up the red flag before you proceed downrange with your pistols trigger locked and case locked. When finished trigger lock and case lock your pistols before proceeding up range. Either keep the red flag up if you are switching to rifle use OR take down all flags if you are the last to leave. Sign in and sign out of the book located at the SW corner of the clubhouse.

If you have any questions contact one of our Range Masters:

Brent Steliga (rifle/pistol range): 204-396-4323

Mark Miller (rifle/pistol range: 204-712-7056

Dale Bourns (Sporting Clays): 204-293-0314 or dale.bourns(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)

Dates to keep in mind:

Next club meeting: February 3, 2021 starting @ 7:30PM Details to follow

Meeting to discuss Constitution: February 27, 2021 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM Details to follow. Deadline to comments/edits/concerns re: Constitution is February 5th.

RENEWALS – When renewing memberships online please send the membership forms directly to the Membership Chair – Colette Marr @ colettemarie775(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign) Do NOT send the forms to the e-transfer gmail account. Also, please use the e-transfer account for payment: brgfamembers(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)

We are holding 2 orientations Saturday and Sunday so please park your vehicles on the South side of the Clubhouse leaving the North side of the Clubhouse for the new members.

Have a good weekend

Colette Marr-BRGFA Membership Chair