CCFR urgent message to Canadian Gun Owners

Dear Club Executives and Range Operators,

An urgent message from Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights [CCFR] who have produced a short video for all gun owners in Canada to view.

Help spread this message in hopes that a large group of people can do just a little bit to help instead of the small group of people who are currently giving everything they can. This will result in meaningful opposition to the Liberal’s unprecedented firearm ban.

For more information on the CCFR, visit us at and click “Why Join”.

Thank You for Your Consideration,

Rod Giltaca
CEO & Executive Director
Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights / Coalition canadienne pour les droits aux armes à feu
P.O. Box 91572 RPO Mer Bleu / C.P. 91572 CSP Mer Bleu
Orleans, Ontario K1W 0A6 / Orléans (Ontario) K1W 0A6