50 Meter Pistol Berm – May 8th, 2019


The pistol berm located at the 50 meters from the firing line is not approved at this time for any firearms activities. Please do not use the 50 meter pistol berm until further notice from BRGFA. This is as of today’s date – May 8th, 2019. Membership will be contacted when the situation is resolved.

*Our range license does permit users to walk to within 50 meters of the 250 berm and shoot pistol there.*

There is no shrouded gong at the 250 berm so bring your paper targets. Make sure to take them down after you are finished shooting.

No vehicles can be driven on the range.

All shooters must ensure to establish a firing line at all times when using the range.

Thank you for your cooperation

Colette Marr

Brokenhead River Game & Fish Association

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Always establish a firing line when shooting at the range